Where Skysens Creates Value-Added Solutions

Industry 4.0

Skysens offers you a wireless Industrial IoT network specially designed for factories and production facilities with the best agility. By creating its state-of-art network infrastructure essential for Industry 4.0, it provides full remote control and monitoring ability for industrial machinery.

Skysens provides you machinery’s crucial data instantly such as error and condition codes, energy consumption, humidity, temperature, motion change by its easy-to-install devices. It generates alarms in case of any undesired changes happen on the machinery or processes and creates customizable reports according to your needs.

With MODBUS integration, more data related to the machine’s performance such as production count, operation faults, malfunctions, fault causes can be analyzed in order to minimize production and energy loses before any accident happens.


Monthly Subscriber Service

Skysens provides monthly subscriber method and eliminates the infrastructure costs required for the first implementation. It creates IoT based production lines and converts your business to “smart production area”. To maximize the efficiency in your workspace, Skysens offers you a “whole service package” including software, hardware, network infrastructure, maintenance and support.

Easy Set-Up

Although being designed to operate with many functions, Skysens devices are easy to set up and implement. It is possible to connect and control Skysens devices and built an Industrial IoT network in minutes!

Full Control at Single Screen

SkyApp makes possible to easily track and monitor all your devices in a single screen.

With its user-friendly interface, SkyApp can show you all the data and its reports based on energy consumption, temperature, humidity, vibration etc. gathered from machines. Instant alarms are generated if machines exceed the predefined values.

Wireless and Expandable Infrastructure

Beyond its ability on producing unique hardware and software, Skysens builds a IoT wireless network for various actions which is expandable anytime. If any further need occurs after the development, device count and type can change without any additional infrastructural costs and IoT network can be widened in minutes.

Smart Cities

Skysens offers end-to-end, city-owned Smart City IoT infrastructure which can adapt every low bandwidth sensor needs of the city.

We collect, analyze customer requirements, do simulations and feasibility work and offer best possible IoT network whether it is complete Skysens products or other LoRaWAN hardware and software.

Skysens offer smart parking, smart lighting, smart environment, smart waste management and many more smart city applications under one roof.

– Smart Street Lighting
– Smart Car Parking Systems
– Smart Environment Monitoring
– Smart Waste Management
– Smart Energy Monitoring
– Remote Metering
– Smart Tracking


Skysens unique ability to provide connectivity and sensors in very large areas with very long battery life and low total cost makes it is a perfect solution provider for different agricultural use cases.

One of the most effective use cases is to provide a low-cost large-scale network to large farmlands to monitor general irrigation characteristics. Also, it can provide microclimate effects to provide farmers hyper-local weather data which helps a farmer to overcome the imminent freeze

Smart Grids

The energy sector is already acquainted with networking technologies decade ago. What Skysens offers is small-scale energy monitoring solutions such as villages, towns, shopping centers, worker camps etc. or additional networking layer for non-cost effective monitoring areas such as low voltage transformers and power lines inside or outside the cities.

Skysens mainly focuses on remote energy metering, power quality monitoring, and equipment monitoring since the system is completely integrable to any other third party applications it can easily integrate to existing energy monitoring infrastructure like SCADA or central management software