Long Range, Low Power, Cost Effective, Specialized Wireless Sensor Networks for IoT Applications

Skysens Technology

Skysens Technology is a wireless networking technology to control and monitor various actions on different verticals such as Smart Cities, Agriculture, Smart Grids and Industry 4.0.

Technology consists of hardware and software layers with including robust connectivity from 15 Km away.

End to End Approach

Skysens has extensive experience in low – bandwidth, low power consumption sensor communication and network development with a bottom-to-top IoT network development methodology.

Since it developed entirely its own system starting from the simplest physical interaction, Skysens develops systems as whole instead of using high-level l building blocks. This means, Skysens technology always ensures best user experience for Low power Wide Area IoT systems.

Skysens physical layer works on LoRa modulation technology which boosts connectivity capability of Skysens.

What is LoRa?

LoRa is modulation technology, based on chirp spread spectrum modulation which has been used by military and space applications for decades but have not implemented to IoT world before.

With this modulation technology, LoRa able to achieve large link budgets, which enables it robust communication on high interference environments and with over long distances with high reliability.

How about LoRaWAN?

Skysens software layer is compatible with LoRaWAN protocol which is being steered by LoRa Alliance which Skysens is also a member.

Due to compatible nature of the technology, Skysens complete system easily can integrate to 5000 + different brands and product types around the globe. This compatibility also ensures system security and reliability due to its open nature and user pool. LoRaWAN is being tested and used by hundreds of thousands of people around the world which means protocol is always up to date and tested.