SKYSENS IoT Platform and Applications

Application Layer and Integration Middleware

Skysens IoT platform is an application layer with middleware specialized for IoT applications.

Platform can work with multiple IoT sources either IP based or non-IP based such as LPWAN with multiple features such as user management, alarming, reporting, rule management and many more.

With Skysens middle ware platform can work with existing legacy data sources such as SCADA will full functionality. It has different application modules for smart industry, smart cities and smart businesses for easy use .

IoT and Industrial Monitoring Applications Platform Optimized for Efficiency

Modular Applications Support Different pre-configured applications such as condition monitoring, indoor and outdoor location tracking, maintenance monitoring and many more
Cross Rule Function Device ID based cross rule function in order to create smart actions depending on the rules with help of bi-directional connectivity of LPWAN networks
Firmware Update Over Air Remote configuration for managing device transmission and embedded functions
API Server for Easy Integration API server for connectivity agnostic LPWAN based application integration with REST APIs
Light Version Portable version for server on premise applications with contained capacity but fully main functionality
Native Mobile Application Support Skysens Mobile app is ready for use Android and IOS

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Skysens Application Layer

Direct Integration to Legacy Systems

Skysens IoT Platform Provides Direct Data Integration to Legacy Automation Network Systems

Skysens provides integration to SCADA via MODBUS TCP and SQL Injection within secure enterprise network with this, Skysens Application Layer provides easy connection to legacy automation systems in order to make IoT created data available within enterprise existing automation infrastructure.

With integrating Skysens's cutting edge technology to existing legacy infrastructre capability, users can increase their data granularity efficiently without any additional training, investment for legacy high cost systems and hindering their current operation

  • Different Application Modules with Specialized User Interface
  • MQTT , HTTP , REST API Integration
  • Device Management
  • Easy Device On-boarding and Decommissioning
  • Different Connectivity Options
  • User Control Levels
  • Easy To-Use Visualization
  • ML support and Anomaly Detection
  • Configurable Reporting
  • Event Driven Application support
  • Indoor Location Tracking Engine