Hardware Technology

Although Skysens Technology is hardware agnostic and can work with different brands hardware on end device and gateway level, Skysens also provides its own designed hardware with unique embedded software capabilities for industrial and other usages.

Skysens provide indoor and outdoor industrial connection devices, different types of sensors for industrial and smart city applications. All Skysens hardware have same technology architecture with multiple capabilities.

Skysens Designed and Manufactured Hardware Capabilities

Multiple Interface Support

Skysens hardware can support multiple industrial probes and interfaces such as digital and anaolog I/Os RS485 , RS232 interfaces with multiple protocol support such as MODBUS RTU and IEC

Micro Edge Computing

Skysens devices can do micro edge computing for calculating statistical outcomes, deciding alarm statuses for selective transmissions which optimizes battery power and capacity

Small Form Factor

For non IP67 required applications Skysens devices are very small and easy to use

Battery or Power Supply

For faster data transmission requirements SKYIND provides 12V power supply option in order to provide continues operational usage

IP67 Versions

Every Skysens hardware comes with IP67 outer casing option in order to provide robustness for harsh environments

Hardware Ecosystem

In addition to Skysens brand hardware , Skysens has multiple hardware partners for gateways and end devices. GO TO PARTNER PAGE arrow_forward

Do you need different connectivity technology like NB-IoT or Sigfox?

  • Micro Edge Computing
  • Selective Transmission
  • Large Application Options
  • Multiple Protocol Support for Industrial Connectivity
  • Different Casing Options
  • Skysens Compatible Partner Ecosystem

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