Smart Industry

Skysens Application Based Industrial IoT Layer

Skysens industrial grade LoRaWAN network and data integration layer provides your industry most agile IoT solution with lowest possible TCO.

With easy to deploy sensors and cloud-based platform you can start small and expand your digitalization efforts easily.

For non connected data sources, Skysens facilitates selection of sensors and LoRaWAN technology from all across enterprise

For existing IP based data sources, Skysens data integration layer enables easy access and stream management for existing IoT data.

Make Your Industry Smarter One Step at a Time!

Developing Smart Industry Concept is Easier than You Think.

Skysens works as integral part of your existing industrial network and platforms.

For end points which are not digitalized yet, Skysens offers selection of end devices and industrial grade sensor network and provides compatibility for other customer selected hardware for LoRaWAN and other connectivity technologies.

Already connected data sources, for example PLC's with TCP/IP connections, Skysens data integration layer ingests data with MODBUS-TCP, SQL or with other types of integration layers depending on field requirements and provide singular data integration layer with other Skysens wireless sensors data.

With this integrated infrastructure, enterprises can manage all streaming low bandwith IIoT data integration in single layer with lowest TCO with most flexible way.

For applications such as energy monitoring, condition monitoring, maintenance based condition monitoring, user can integrate multiple data source without any difference between already-existing or Skysens generated data and use alarms and reporting tools without any compromise.

Some Ready to Go Industrial Applications with Skysens Industrial IoT Network

Provide energy consumption data from all over your industrial site from energy meters, energy analyzers, heat sources etc. for optimization and cost monitoring as well as equipment condition monitoring.

Skysens can directly integrate to any energy analyzer or meter through Modbus RTU with SkyIND sensor, or directly gather data from SQL.


Increase Energy Efficiency Increase Operational Transparency Optimize Maintenance Efficiency Better Cost Optimization

Monitor temperature, humidity, pressure, light, noise, air quality and other types of environment parameters for production quality, energy efficiency and health and safety reasons.

Skysens network and sensor technology allows easy deployment and low cost monitoring sensors indoor and outdoor with direct integration capability to existing OT networks.


Increase Production Quality Better Operational Transparency Better Energy Efficiency Better Heath and Safety Compliance

Monitor your equipment and machinery status such as working condition, usage hours, energy consumption, fuel levels etc. for operation transparency.

With outdoor and indoor equipment and machinery monitoring capabilities, physical world's data can be feed in to the company digital twin and efficiency can be monitored in real time.


Increase Operational Efficiency Better Operational Transparency Better Workforce Management Lower Maintenance Cost

Monitor your machinery and equipment with energy, temperature and vibration sensors in order to optimize maintenance schedule with low cost sensors.

Skysens low cost sensors can provide maintenance related measurements and helps maintenance teams to schedule next action not just high end equipements but for all machinery and equipment pool with low cost battery powered sensors.


Lower Maintenance Cost Better Operational Transparency Less Unscheduled Operation Stops Better Maintenance Scheduling

Monitor internal logistics such as location tracking of trailers, monitor levels of storage tanks, monitor working hours of carriers etc. for logistics efficiency.

Skysens platform provide indoor location tracking capabilities in addition to other sensor support, and integration layer to existing platforms such as company ERP.


Increase Operation Efficiency Better Operational Transparency Lower Logistics Times Lower Logistics Cost

Track locations of lone workers, panic buttons for emergency situations, motion detection for unauthorized accesses, monitor gasses and other ambient data and many more with low cost sensors.

Skysens platform enables to do real time alarms and reporting for health and safety applications with integration to existing monitoring interfaces such as security systems.


Increase Operational Efficiency Better Operational Transparency Lower Cost Of Monitoring Work Less Paperwork and Recording Work

Enable IoT data directly integrated to existing OT systems without any application interface.

With direct integration to existing SCADA or other OT infrastructure such as PLCs, HMIs, low cost, batter powered, wireless sensors with different types can be used as integral part of shop floor automation scheme without IT requirements.


Increase Granularity of Existing Data Increase of OT Network Efficiency Lower Cost For Additional Sensors

Make Your Enterprise Smarter with Skysens Network

Open Network Protocol and Hardware Technology Open technology allows hundreds of different companies to able to provide global best practices and applications which enables efficient solutions without vendor-lock
Long Range Wireless Connectivity Skysens LoRaWAN Wireless Network provides long range sensor network for outdoor and indoor areas which enables continues IoT connectivity for your entire enterprise for multiple application profiles
Long Battery Life Wireless sensors with 15min data transmission interval with standard batteries can run up to 3-5 years which enables easy sensor deployment in constrained places , outdoors and hazardous areas without any service requirement
Data Hub for Existing Data Sources Skysens Data Integration Layer provides singular data ingestion and streaming management for all industrial sensor data with MODBUS TCP and SQL integration service in addition to wireless Skysens Network
On Premises Option Entire Skysens Smart Industrial Application stack can run on edge device or on premises with integrated network, application and integration layers without hindering any capability. With integration, your legacy OT network can multiply it is capability without any internet connection
Cost Efficiency Skysens Enterprise IoT Infrastructure enables users to deploy industrial applications easily with 3-5 times less total cost in terms of hardware, connectivity, software, integration, engineering and deployment costs.With this, many different IIoT applications becomes feasible.

Indoor Location Tracking Capability

Skysens infrastructure and hardware also supports indoor location tracking application for personnel, material and equipments with same infrastructure and network.

Why Skysens Industrial IoT Infrastructure?

3-5 X Lower Hardware Cost

More Data Points with Lower Cost

Due to connectivity technology, end device and gateway hardware BOM costs are low, long range connectivity means only minimal number of gateway being used, no cabling cost occurs because of industrial grade wireless connectivity and long battery life

Up to 10x Lower Project TCO

Lower Total Cost of Ownership For Entire Project

Lower hardware cost, low or no connectivity costs even for long range coverage, low application licensing fees, native data type which means there is no intermediate software layer and licensing requirement, long battery life means minimal maintenance requirement and there is no vendor-locking all means very low project over all cost

Open Ecosystem

Hundreds of Different Hardware and Application Provider

Skysens IoT Technology allows users to deploy their own LoRaWAN compatible hardware for their enterprise applications which provides an agile solution tool for every changing production environment

Expert Support for

Skysens Products and Services

Skysens Industrial IoT Application Platform

Skysens IoT Application Platform provides multiple application interface on single application platform with integration, reporting and analytics features with native mobile application

  • Different application modules
  • Native mobile application
  • Condition monitoring, energy monitoring, location tracking and many other ready to use application
  • Text, email, automated voice calls, API based or physical alarming with hardware support
  • Logic based cross rules between devices for alarm programming, anomaly detection, also can be integrated to other ML capabilities
  • User management, group management, location management, device management, group management
  • Configurable reporting scheme
  • RestAPI based architecture for easy integration, improvement and scalability
  • Cloud, private cloud or on-premises options

Skysens Wireless IoT Manager and Data Hub

Network Management for LoRaWAN and Data Integration Layer for Other IoT and Legacy Systems

  • Gateway,device and network management for LoRaWAN
  • RF layer management
  • Direct integration from MODBUS TCP, SQL and other legacy interfaces
  • Data stream management for West - East and North-South connections
  • Data connection management between shop-floor and cloud platforms with REST API structure
  • Virtual sensor architecture for singular IoT cockpit
  • Data parser and modeling capability for easy integration and deployment between different data types
  • Ready integration from shop floor to prominent cloud platforms such as Azure, AWS, Oracle, SAP etc.
  • Cloud, private cloud or on-premises options

Skysens Industrial Interface Device

Skysens SKYIND device with it's variants provides easy and cost effective way for integrating and managing physical interfaces such as relays, analog or digital sensors, MODBUS RTU interfaces with battery or external power supply options.

  • 4-20 mA and 1-10 V Digital and Analog inputs
  • Open collector output (for remote control)
  • RS485 interface
  • MODBUS RTU remote register configuration
  • 5V Power supply option for frequent data transmission
  • Message sequencing for bigger data sizes
  • Selective data transmission for priority messaging
  • IP 67 Casing option for outdoor environments

Skysens Works With Multiple Global Partners for Application and Hardware