Skysens Smart City Applications

Skysens smart city network with LoRaWAN radio access and LTE-IoT integration and ready to deploy applications with hardware, city managers and operators can deploy smart city applications as integral part of their grand smart city strategy.

With Skysens smart city applications and network, cities can cover more than 50% of entire smart city applications portfolio.

Cover Entire City with Power of Smart Sensors!

Why Skysens Smart City Applications?

Open Connectivity Protocol and Hardware Technology Open technology ecosystem allows hundreds of different products and applications to be used with best practices all around the world as integrated solution to existing smart city applications
Long Range Wireless Network can work from 15 km away (3-5 km in dense environments) with very low hardware costs. With minimal number of gateways entire cities can be covered with very limited budgets.
Long Battery Life Cost efficient sensors can be deployed anywhere with standard battery configuration with life up to 10 years with out any maintenance requirements which lowers TCO drastically
Single Platform For Multiple Applications Having network and platform which supports both radio access network (RAN) slicing and application integration layer provides integrated and budget friendly approach for entire city services
Indoor and Outdoor Applications Network infrastructure provides both indoor and outdoor applications on single layer, with that, application layer and network supports both long range wide area applications and short range industrial or smart buildings applications simultaneously
Integration for Entire City Skysens provides integration layers for city inhabitants and companies which operate inside the city in order to facilitate city sensory data.

Developing Smart City Applications is Easier than You Think!

Skysens works as an integral part of your city management platforms for;

  • Security Services
  • Environment Management
  • Utilities Management
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Disaster Response
  • Financial Management

Some Smart City Applications to Start Right Away! IoT Network

Provide smart grid applications for water, energy, gas, heating utilities, with remote metering applications and integrated analytics and on-line payment systems for complete solutions.

Skysens with its partners provide end-to-end solution for smart grid applications from metering hardware to end user applications.


Increase Grid Efficiency New Revenue Sources For Utilities Better Grid Management New Business Models For Consumers

Monitor ambient conditions such as temperature, humidity, light and many others for better decision making and infrastructure optimization.

Skysens environment monitoring infrastructure enables city managers to have granular data from the ground for better decision making about services and infrastructures such as energy grids, waste management, lighting infrastructure and many more.


Better Operational Transparency Better Cost Optimization Data For Predictive Analytics Increased Service Efficiency

Use smart sensors and application for environmental monitoring such as indoor and out door air quality, water quality, noise monitoring, radiation and many others.

In addition to smart sensors, Skysens provides integration to city wide applications such as official mobile applications for environmental alarms.


Increase Data Granulity City Wide Better Operational Transparency Data For User Specific Alarming

Monitor and control streetlights with smart hardware and integrated platform for cost efficency and service monitoring.

With smart management software, citylighting infrastructure can be managed effectively and efficiently.


Increase Energy Efficiency Better Operational Transparency Data For Predictive Maintenance Better Security

Monitor lightings, traffic signs, barriers, signals and many other elements related to traffic management.

Faster operation cycle for traffic infrastructure maintenance i.e. repair traffic signs before any accident happens with orientation sensor warnings.


Faster Maintenance Response Better Operational Transparency Better Road Conditions Lower Maintenance Costs

Monitor water levels in rivers, flood areas, lakes, canals, wind speed, rain speed, and many other flood and other disaster parameters.

With Skysens network data, cities can get preemptive actions faster, can asses risk, alarm its citizens and can avoid costly results of the natural disasters.


Increase Operational Effectiveness Better Operational Transparency Better Risk Assessment Faster Warnings For Citizens

Use low cost structural sensors such as accelerometers to quick assessment of overall structural conditions of towers, bridges, historic buildings etc.

For more precise measurements, use industrial grade sensors and analytics applications with Skysens network together for low cost connectivity and service.


Realtime Assessment Of Structures Better Operational Transparency Data For Predictive Maintenance Faster Response Time After Disasters

Why Skysens Network and Applications Compare To Other Systems?

3-5 X Lower End Device Cost

Compare to Legacy Hardware

Having entire city coverage with small number of gateways and battery powered low BOM cost hardware helps smart city applications much easier to start and scale.With smart platform and network, low cost end devices can be facilitate and managed in almost all smart city projects in entire city

Up to 10 X Lower Project TCO

Lower Total Cost of Ownership For Entire Project Cycle

With lower hardware, connectivity and service costs enables lower physical layer costs, in addition to Skysens application platform's open architecture provides easy data stream and low costs

Open Ecosystem

Hundreds of Hardware and Application Provider

As an integral part of Skysens Smart City Applications, city managers can use hundreds of different compatible hardware and applications connected to network and platform without any vendor-lock .

Expert Support for

Skysens Products and Services

Skysens Disaster Response Network

With any wide area smart city application, Skysens network can be deployed for disaster response as secondary role also.

With disaster response scheme Skysens network can stream sensor information to required parties even without back-hauling.


Smart City Application Layer

Multiple applications modules works with Skysens platform with full integration to existing city platforms and cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure,Oracle, SAP and many more

  • Multiple application module
  • Integration support to city and other cloud platforms
  • User management
  • Bi-directional rule management
  • Anomaly detection
  • Configurable Reporting
  • Data analytics integration
  • Mobile application support

Smart City Network

Network management for for wide area with LoRaWAN RAN and LTE-IoT integration for

  • Gateway and device management
  • RF engineering and management
  • Radio Access Network Slicing for different application profiles
  • Easy device deployment and decommissioning
  • LTE IoT Integration
  • User management
  • Application integration management

Smart City Hardware

Skysens provides Skysens brand and third party hardware which integrated to Skysens applications with low total cost of ownership (TCO) and low maintenance requirements.

  • Indoor and outdoor usecases
  • Hardware consultancy
  • Industrial interface device (SKYIND) for integration of legacy sensors
  • Low maintenance requirement
  • Consumer or commercial type sensors
  • Certification and test support for compatibility
  • Open ecosystem support for native development

Skysens Smart City Partners for Hardware and Applications