Smart Business Applications

For your enterprise, increasing daily operational efficiency and transparency is paramount even if you are non-profit organization.

With small IoT sensors, connectivity and application layer in single solution packages, Skysens provides end-to-end smart business applications for large multi branch businesses, small enterprises, schools, hospitals, service businesses and many others.

Why Your Business Need Skysens IoT Applications?

Operational Efficiency

Especially if your enterprise is large and multi branch structure, maintenance of buildings, monitoring services, and operations is much easier and efficient with IoT infrastructure

Long Range Wireless

Skysens system can work with indoor gateways with long indoor range (up to 1000 m indoor) which enables indoor connectivity for large building with very low infrastructure cost.

Long Battery Life

All sensors and actuators have capability of working with long battery life (10+ years) which enables plug and play setup scheme with no maintenance related additional cost

Single Platform with Multiple Application

Having network, hardware and application on single platform enables enterprises to cover multiple applications for different user levels at same time

Cost Efficiency

Compare to legacy systems, businesses can deploy many control and automation applications with single wireless infrastructure and low cost hardware which drastically reduce investment cost and quicker ROI.

Integration for Entire Organization

With Skysens integration layer, entire organization can get ground level data with REST API structure without any additional vendor licensing which drastically increases easiness of developing business intelligence algorithms

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Some of The Areas for Smart Business Applications

Smart Schools

Air quality sensors for class rooms, power and water consumption monitoring, temperature sensors for food containers, location tracking for personnel and other types of safety and security sensors for school buildings.

Smart Hospitals

Air quality sensors for patient rooms, temperature sensors for pharmaceutical freezers , location tracking for equipments and patients, medical service buttons, security sensors unsupervised areas and many other application for smart hospitals.

Smart Branches

Energy infrastructure monitoring such as generators, energy consumption monitoring, temperature sensors, air quality sensors and many more smart sensor applications on single platform for banks, retailers, fast food restaurants, post offices, government offices and other enterprises for cost efficiency and operational excellence.

Smart Hotels

Location based panic buttons for personnel, air quality sensors, power and water consumption monitoring, temperature sensors for food containers, location tracking for assets, safety and security sensors for hotel buildings.

Smart Restaurants

Air quality sensors, energy and water consumption monitoring, temperature sensors for food containers and many more

Smart Business Applications

    Smart business applications are problem focused solution packages and all includes
  • Skysens Network Service
  • Skysens or Partner Application Platform and Enterprise Integration
  • Skysens or Partner Hardware

For Details of The Technology

Some Applications Handled by Skysens Technology in Enterprises

Monitor energy parameters, lighting, generators, consumption levels inside of your branch with fraction of a cost of other legacy systems.

Skysens sensors can connect many different energy infrastructure hardware such as generators, analyzers, relays, meters and many other via industrial interfaces.


Increase Energy Efficiency Increase Operational Excellence Better Operational Transparency Data For Predictive Maintenance

Monitor temperature, air quality, humidity, light, noise and many other environment parameters with smart sensors in order to standardize services and customer satisfaction.

Skysens data integration layer enables to integrate environment data with enterprise resource management software for operational excellence.


Increase Energy Efficiency Better Operational Transparency Data Analytics For BI Standardization Of Service

Monitor critical equipments condition such as generator, HVAC, food and beverage equipments and others for maintenance and efficiency purposes.

Make sure your equipment condition and operational parameters in real time such as energy, temperature, vibration, operational time and many more.


Better Operational Transparency Better Service Quality Data For Predictive Maintenance Better Cost Efficiency

Track location of personnel, patients, students, assets, equipments and many others both indoor and outdoor with panic button integration.

For both distress call monitoring and efficiency, Skysens network and application enables for low cost indoor and outdoor location tracking interface.


Better Safety and Security Better Operational Transparency Increase Operational Efficiency

Add low cost, long battery life buttons for customer surveys and service calls where ever its needed.

Easy integration to enterprise ERP helps to increase service quality without any add-on cost.


Increase Service Quality Better Operational Transparency Data For Operational Analytics

Smart Businesses can Be Setup in an Instance!

Skysens smart businesses applications can be deployed with single box with plug-and-play architecture which drastically reduce deploying cost of the project for multiple locations

Application boxes includes:

  • Platform
  • Gateway
  • Number of Related Sensors and Hardware

With easy deployment scheme,scaling up the number of locations becomes very cost efficient due to much lower deployment times and required training

Skysens Hardware, Platform and Integrator Partners for Smart Business Applications


Do you have something in mind?

Skysens smart businesses applications can be deployable with single, all-in-one box.

Please contact us whether you want to distribute or white-label our solutions or co-develop a new offering with specific use case.

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