Skysens Technology Support

Network Providing

Skysens has extensive experience on developing and providing LoRaWAN network on and off field. Skysens can setup a network for you or support your hardware or applications on the field as private network provider.

Skysens technical team creates simulations, run tests, provide gateways and network software with optimum wireless connectivity.

Technology Providing

Skysens provides open API so that software development teams need no hardware knowledge in order to execute IoT projects with its long-range hardware and plug and play applications.

With single package any company can provide deployable applications to its customers.Also, since the protocol is compatible, other LoRaWAN hardware can easily integrate to the system.

Project and Technical Feasibility

Skysens provides consultancy for industries that it focuses on digital transformation and possible LPWAN project.

It provides 4 step project plan, starts with requirement investigation and technology match, field investigation and RF communication surveillance, hardware and software adaptation and final project roll-out.

Solution Providing

Skysens provides  end-to-end solution for several verticals such as smart cities, industry 4.0, agriculture and smart grid applications.


Since IoT is a revolutionary technology and Low Power Wide Area Networks are to be expected to become a large part of it, Skysens helps corporations and institutions with training and consultancy packages.

Product Supplier

Skysens hardware are fully LoRaWAN compliant and have the ability to work in any LoRaWAN network in any frequency, it supplies it’s products for different networks around the world.