Instruments of the Technology

End to End Solutions

Skysens provides various end–to–end solutions for different applications

Smart City

Smart Street Lighting

Smart Car Parking

Smart Environment Monitoring

Smart Waste Management

Smart Remote Metering

Smart Tracking

Industry 4.0

Machinery PLC Monitoring

Cold Chain Monitoring

Process Monitoring

Energy Consumption Monitoring

Equipment and Worker Activity Monitoring

Smart Agriculture

Central Agricultural platform

Green House Monitoring

Soil Moisture, Temperature Monitoring

Weather temperature and humidity, barometric pressure monitoring

Live Stock Tracking

Equipment and Machinery monitoring

Energy Consumption Monitoring

Smart Grid

Automotic Meter Reading System (Electrical, Water, Gas, Heat)

Electircal, Water, Gas, Heat Grid Monitoring

Power Outage Monitoring

General Power Quality Monitoring


Skysens hardware works in more than 10 different local LoRaWAN networks with their robust and agile structure.


SkyGW1 – 1 channel

SkyGW2 – 8 channel

End Devices

SkyCld1 – Cold Chain Sensor

SkyEnv1 – Indoor Environment Sensor

SkyEnv2 – Outdoor Environment Sensor

SkyAgr1 – Soil Temperature and Moisture

SkyTag1 – Smart Tag

SkyTag2 – GPS Tracker

SkyMot1 – Motion Sensor Outdoor / Indoor

SkyEnr1 – Optical Port Reader For Metering

SkyInd1 – RS485 MODBUS Bridge

SkyInd2 – Signal Bridge

SkyInd3 – Pulse Reader

SkyCty1 – Street Light Controller

SkyCty2 – Car Parking Sensor


Skysens software provides robust connectivity and easy to use interface for Skysens end-to-end projects and other LoRaWAN partners around the globe.


SkySF1 – LoRaWAN Network Server

SkySF2 – Skysens IoT Platform

SkySF3 – Skysens Smart Street Lighting

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