Skysens Applications

Skysens provides end-to-end applications in smart industry, smart city and smart business verticals.

Depending on the application, Skysens uses its entire technology stack with physical and software layers or it includes partner hardware and / or application with Skysens network.

Enterprise Network, Carrier Grade Network or Disaster Network technology works as a integral part of the applications with light or full versions .

Smart Industry

Build multiple industrial applications on top or as a part of your enterprise OT network for indoor and outdoor industrial environments as an integral part of your existing platforms with applications such as environment monitoring, efficiency monitoring, worker health and safety applications, maintenance applications and many more with low budgets and easy to scale manner.


Smart City

Deploy smart city applications which covers more than half of the global smart city applications portfolio simultaneously and cost efficiently, such as smart lighting, smart environment, smart utilities, smart infrastructure, smart energy and many more!


Smart Businesses

Transform your business and operations with power of IoT with applications for smart hospitals, smart restaurants , smart schools, smart facilities and more!


Do you have another

application areas in mind?

Skysens Application Partners Ecosystem

In addition to native Skysens hardware and applications, Skysens relies on multiple partners for hardware and platforms for application deployment

With this, Skysens ensures best application for its users in with every connectivity technology in addition to LoRaWAN