Agile Asset Performance Monitoring
Monitor asset performance for maintenance purposes in real time with complete adaptability to any type.
Predictive Maintenance with an Integrated Approach
With OT-IT data adapters, multiple wireless edge device types, and easy-to-use analytics, increase production output by reducing unplanned downtime in every level of the enterprise.

Enable predıctable asset performances
and elımınate unplanned downtıme

With Agile Predictive Monitoring approach, any enterprise can easily start predicitive maintenance and asset
performance improvement initatives with Skysens global expertise.

As an APM partner that serves on the IIoT scene for a decade, Skysens touches the main pain points of the industrial IoT transformation to create a seamless and problem-free transition.


Current difficulties in the industry to start predictive maintenance and asset performance initiatives

To initiate predictive maintenance applications and asset performance analysis, companies needs to overcome multiple problems first

Lack of Available Data

To monitor assets in real-time for performance and maintenance requirements, industrial companies need to first get the relevant data, which is not available most of the time.

Starting with "Big Data’’

Most of the predictive maintenance platforms today require lots of data in order to give tangible results. Big data requires big investments and lots of expertise to start.

Unconnected OT-IT Infrastructure

To analyze asset performances and current status for predictive maintenance analytics, OT and IT networks need to be efficiently and securely connected, or external data sources need to be added which adds up overhead costs to projects.

Only Available for a Small Number of Assets

Most of the current offers are too expensive and very hard to implement, that is why most companies only use third-party vibration monitoring services for predictive maintenance once in couple of months only for the limited number of critical equipment

Problems with Scalability of the Applications

Even if companies can find a good solution for predictive maintenance and asset performance analysis, it becomes really expensive to scale up because of the lack of an end-to-end approach for scalability.

Isolated Applications with Many Integration Problems

Monitoring the performance of the assets is beneficial not only for maintenance, but also for production, quality, sustainability, and worker health and safety. However current offers come, in short, to work in an integrated manner with different workflows.


Skysens APM for Predictive Maintenance and Asset Performance Monitoring

Skysens brings an agile way of doing predictive maintenance and asset performance monitoring to the entire enterprise with an end-to-end approach.

Easy data access

With industrial data adapters, edge device portfolio and singular data streams, Skysens provides easy data access from existing industrial data sources and enables new data from edge devices.

Edge Device Offer Data Capture without Additional Investment

Skysens wireless network comes with edge computing capable edge devices which enables plug-and-play vibration analyzing capabilities as well as temperature and energy-related data.

Start Small option

Skysens APM provides users to start with a single endpoint and then expand to the entire facility without losing any performance and having scalability issues.

Ready for Every Type of Asset

APM provides values that differ to a type of data. With that, it can work with vibration, temperature, voltage, current, pressure, noise, and many other different sensors available for any type of asset with high or low value.

Support for Further Analysis

With Skysens integrated services, Skysens brings consultants to the table for customized in-depth analysis and special requirements.

Remote Monitoring Capabilities

With integrated capabilities and isolated network offer, Skysens enables any asset to be monitored from anywhere in the world securely even in the middle of the desert!

Edge Option for No-Cloud Requirements

Skysens APM can be deployed on edge hardware or at the private cloud to keep everything in-house without internet connection requirement.

Can Work with Your Existing Systems

With smart notifications and secure industrial data adapters such as MODBUS TCP or OPC UA, results of the performance degradations or anomaly notifications can directly be integrated into SCADA and DCS Systems to create easier operation flow.
How do Skysens handle predictive maintenance with agility?

How does Skysens handle predictive maintenance with agility?

With an end-to-end integrated approach, any enterprise can easily increase equipment performance and reduce production interruptions.


Skysens provides a wide variety of edge devices, data adapters, and integration options.


With stream analytics and scalable architecture, any sensor data can be processed instantly


With analyzed data, multiple actions can be taken via direct notifications, reporting, alarming, or integrations

Agile Predictive Maintenance with Skysens APM

Agile Maintenance Workflows with Skysens APM Platform

With Skysens APM, maintenance and operational teams can take actions easily and efficiently for improving asset performances and reducing unplanned downtimes.

Edge Device Portfolio

With Skysens integrated long-range wireless technology, edge devices with edge computing technology can easily be selected and deployed anywhere in the facility. Vibration sensors, temperature and humidity sensors, current and voltage sensors, and pressure sensors can be deployed without any cabling and third-party software requirements.

Data Adapters

For already available data, users can easily pick and choose the right datasource without outside help and start analyzing data.

Easy User Management

To manage the entire maintenance team in a single interface, Skysens provides extensive user management tools to assign related assets or alarms to different operators with different notification types including text, email, voice calls and even physical alarm outputs.

Easy Grouping and Contextualizing of Assets

With Skysens asset management tools, any sensor data can be grouped as assets and being monitored for maintenance purposes. With this flexibility, any asset can be monitored in conjunction with surrounding parameters as well as its own performance data easily.

Easy Reporting

Users can easily create scheduled or on-demand reports to share any asset conditions, performances, and current status of the systems with the entire team easily and efficiently.

Works with Different Sensor Types

Skysens uses data from different sensor types, not just vibration, this way any system can be monitored for asset performance and predictive maintenance purposes.


Skysens create agile and efficient maintenance operations and asset management workflows.


Especially with a wireless offer, Skysens offers the most comprehensive solution with the shortest return of investment period.


Skysens enables data ingestion, analytics, management and integrations on a single platform.


Skysens APM can be deployed anywhere on edge or cloud and connect to any asset worldwide with data adapters and wireless edge devices.


For further analysis or detailed problem investigations Skysens integrated services enables consultants to work for the project with Skysens guarantee.

Offer for
Physical World

Skysens expertise enables users to pick and choose various types of edge devices from an open ecosystem without any vendor lock if needed.

Skysens APM as a data platform provides value to every level in your enterprise

Increase your profits with the shortest return of time industrial digitalization platform in the market. Start your Industry 4.0 journey with modest budgets on multiple fronts at once start with small steps to digital transformation in your
industry with easy-to-use analytics ready for your workforce.

Engineering managers can scale overall team’s expertise with agile and secure no-code applications to achieve more proactive frontlines. Thanks to detailed reporting and collaborative data management, get the best out of every member of the team. Less production interruptions and energy costs.

With IT-OT convergence capabilities and singular data stream and user management capabilities, with a highly-secure build, Skysens APM lets IT teams to handle OT data streams easily and efficiently.

Frontliners can implement proactive actions to problems in the field with a no-code, drag-drop analytics that they can set up quickly. With a fully managed hardware ecosystem and integrated long-range wireless network, years of problems can be solved in a matter of hours easily without frequent site visits.