Skysens APM provides integration interfaces starting from physical to the cloud. Create smartness on every level of the enterprise network without additional investment.
To expose the full potential of the technology, we believe any system should be integrable to existing legacy infrastructure, not the other way around. With Skysens APM out of box integrations and Skysens integrated services, any legacy system can become smarter.
Physical Environment Integrations
Skysens managed hardware portfolio with different connectivity options provides physical integration devices with different field protocols. MODBUS RTU, Profinet, 4-20 mA, 1-10V Digital or Analog I/Os as well as dry contact, pulse data can easily be integrated.
Industrial Network and Data Adapters
Skysens APM comes with prebuilt adapters for OPC DA/UA, MODBUS TCP, Oracle DB, SQL, MQTT and other popular industrial drivers. In addition to pre-built connectors, Skysens engineering supports users to integrate APM to their different plcs and industrial data flows. With two way connections, Skysens APM can push and pull data from any Industrial OT Systems, PLCs and SCADAs and effectively make them smarter and more efficient with analytics with secure connections.
Enterprise Software
On the enterprise software level Skysens supports REST API, MQTT, HTTP POST and custom XML integrations. With Skysens integrated services, any custom MES/MOM or ERP System can be fed by Skysens data streams robustly and securely for smart alarming, notifications as well as direct sensor measurements.
Cloud-Based Third-Party Platforms
For already in-use cloud platforms Skysens APM provides REST API, Webhooks, MQTT and ready-to-use integrations for Microsoft , Salesforce, Oracle, AWS and SAP Cloud Platforms. Skysens also provides native integrations to ecosystem partners for in-depth analysis for predictive maintenance, quality, process mining, and financial applications.
Skysens APM edge version enables industrial data adapters and Skysens LoRaWAN industrial network to run behind the enterprise firewall without internet connectivity requirement securely with high reliability with integration to existing industrial systems such as SCADA, DCS, MES, and others.

Long-Range Wireless Capabilities

Like standard Skysens APM cloud, Skysens APM edge version also takes advantage of long-range industrial wireless capabilities with a network management module for plug- and-play edge device support.

Industrial Data Integration

Skysens APM edge version also comes with industrial data adapters for inbound and outbound data streams such as OPC DA/UA, MODBUS, MQTT, and many more.

Singular Data Streaming

Skysens APM edge version acts as a single source of truth (SSOT) for all industrial data sources inside the enterprise with southbound (industrial) and northbound (IT networks) integration adapters. Multiple industrial databases and data sources can be connected in the Skysens APM edge and data can be normalized and standardized and served via REST API or MQTT streams in a standard format.

Stream Analytics Capabilities

Skysens APM edge enables multiple stream data analytics capabilities for data manipulation, analytics, data normalization, and real-time data visualization.


Skysens APM supports edge, cloud, or hybrid deployment depending on requirements. With Skysens edge to cloud secure connectivity, any OT data can integrate to cloud platforms securely and efficiently. For edge deployments Skysens APM edge version is available.


For direct industrial data access and or un-reliable internet connections, Skysens APM cloud and Skysens APM edge can work as integrated with enterprise network security requirements with one-way connections to maximize security inside an enterprise network.


For shorter project times and more cost-efficient industrial applications, Skysens APM cloud is connected to industrial data sources via MQTT or one-way Webhook connections. Skysens cloud can also easily and securely be facilitated with isolated wireless gateways without any enterprise network connection via Global GSM Connectivity.

Private Cloud / Edge

For cloud-free operation, Skysens APM can be deployed in full or edge versions to enterprise edge hardware, on-premise servers, or enterprise private cloud infrastructure. With it, the entire APM platform can work without any internet connectivity requirement.

Skysens IIoT Hardware
As an integral part of Skysens integrated services, Skysens hardware ecosystem brings multiple options for data integration from the physical world direct to the APM platform.

Hardware Service

Our team of experts handles all of the selection and support tasks required for the industrial edge devices needed to do industrial application, you just need to decide which core application you need most.

End-to-End Encryption Scheme

Both wireless and wired connectivity elements of Skysens are compatible with A-class security standards.

Setup Support

Skysens team supports edge device deployments remotely for easy and flawless deployments. For IIoT hardware, we are here for any questions, especially for technicians and front liners who handle the physical work.

Wide Variety of Edge Devices

Skysens IIoT hardware consists of field data protocol gateways such as MODBUS RTU, and direct measurement devices such as temperature humidity devices. Depending on the application, we offer suitable edge devices with world-class support.


We keep our agility with our wireless first approach, whether it is low power wireless or WiFi or 4G-5G connection, wireless capabilities provide many advantages on the ground with secure and low-cost infrastructure. With it, wireless IoT makes any enterprise competitive and efficient in no time.


With our remote support and carefully selected edge device portfolio, our hardware can work in any condition with easy installation capabilities with minimal cabling and deployment requirements.