Flexible and Scalable Process Monitoring
Skysens APM provides a drag-drop, fully customizable, data analytics dashboard for real-time and historic data visualisation, deployable on any industrial and nonindustrial screens for process and production monitoring.
Comprehensive Data Feed
With Skysens industrial data adapters, long-range wireless capabilities and, integrated services, any data can be fed into dashboards for real-time notifications and analytics to improve production quality, speed, OEE, and reduce bottlenecks, and risks.


Skysens Agile Predictive Monitoring platform enables comprehensive and flexible way of monitoring processes with integration


With no code, drag-drop visulisation, analytics, reporting, and notification schemes, Skysens APM provides much flexible process monitoring.

Works fully integrated to MES and SCADA

Skysens APM does not take your MES or SCADA’s place, rather works fully integrated with them to make them better with smarter and more detailed data capabilities.

Additional Data Sources

Due to flexible data acquisition capabilities, Skysens APM can bring a wider variety of data compared to any MES and SCADA system for a better understanding of what is going on in real-time.

Comes with Integrated Services

For further analysis or detailed problem investigations Skysens integrated services enables consultants to work for the project with Skysens guarantee.

Plug and play nature

Skysens APM can work in cloud or edge with containerized, microservice structure which enables easy and flawless deployment with remote support.


As an APM partner that serves on the IIoT scene for a decade, Skysens touches the main pain points of the industrial IoT transformation to create a seamless and problem-free transition.


Current Problems in The Industry

Existing SCADA and MES systems do their fair share of the work, however in today’s ever changing industrial environments, they are not flexible enough to answer all the questions.

Siloed Data

Due to their nature, current process monitoring platforms work on siloed data and are very inefficient for sharing knowledge to different levels .

Very Rigid Data Visualisation Capabilities

Most enterprises only work with very rigid data visualization tools to understand data to understand what is going on

Integration Problems

Due to a lack of OT-IT convergence, SCADA, DCS systems, and MES platforms can integrate a very small number of tools outside of their domain.

Lack of Integrated Analytics

Due to their design mentality, existing process monitoring platforms include very limited reporting and action tools without AI and in-depth analytics.

Out of the Scope Investment Requirements

There are tools that can do multiple jobs with the analytics and integrations at the market however, they require very high overall budgets and time for the full deployment.

Lack of Edge Capabilities

To overcome security concerns, data privacy and, internet connection concerns, many companies want to keep everything at the edge without the cloud. However, not too many platforms are available for that type of implementation with high performance.


Using Skysens APM to improve process monitoring capabilities improves quality, and production efficiency and lowers costs

With an integrated approach of Skysens APM to existing process and production monitoring capabilities, industrial enterprises can multiply their efficiency and quality to world-class level.

Improve Quality in Real-time

Current process monitoring capabilities are only responsible for managing systems for critical events, they can not answer the questions like “Why I have a bad batch?” “What is my performance compared to last month?” kind of questions. Skysens provides comparative analytic tools.

Improve OEE

With comparative stream and non-stream analytics, overall equipment efficiency can easily improve with the help of no code dashboards.

Increase Energy and Resource Efficiency

With easy data sharing and real-time notifications, Skysens improves the energy and resource efficiency easily with integration to existing systems.

Use with existing MES and SCADA systems

Skysens APM works side to side with your existing MES, SCADA, and other legacy systems to make them better, smarter, and more effective. You don’t have to change any existing system, Skysens finds a way to integrate itself.

Edge Deployment Option without Cloud

Skysens edge version can work with small hardware resources on edge without any internet connectivity and is fully integrated into existing high performance SCADA systems.

Stream Analytics for Real-Time Operations

Users can manipulate data on the fly between connections with high-performance within memory processing capabilities.

Single Dashboard for Everything

Instead of adding multiple user interfaces with different purposes, Skysens brings important real-time or historic data to HMIS and custom dashboards from not only OT networks but also all other IoT systems and existing DCS systems as well as cloud platforms.

Direct Integration to PLCs

With MODBUS TCP and other industrial drivers, Skysens edge can directly connect to industrial PLCs, drivers, and other industrial equipment, without third-party middleware requirements.

Easy to Use User Interface

With simplistic approach, Skysens no-code capabilities and portability brings any operator easily check from the personalized dashboards and HMIS without outside help.

Single Data Stream

With Skysens REST API, MQTT, and Webhook options, all industrial data becomes a single data flow, which means every problem can be analyzed in detail easily.
Skysens integrates existing process monitoring systems to improve quality, production output, response times, data sharing, and analytics.


Skysens integrates to existing data sources and brings new sensors for higher data resolution.


With optimized time series databases Skysens analyzes data streams with high performance.


Skysens creates notifications, real-time alerts for operators and, integrations for third-party platforms.
Skysens APM as Data Platform Capabilities

Skysens APM for the Improvement of Process Monitoring Efforts

Skysens APM works side to side with existing MES, ERP and SCADA systems to extend their capabilities and create better informed teams.

Easy Integration to Existing Systems

Skysens easily integrates with existing MES and SCADA systems and provides edge devices for new data capture requirements.

Flexible Data Visualsaiton

Skysens enables no-code data visualisation interfaces for analytics and real-time monitoring of the system for any user and any screen and HMI.

Ready to Use Analytics

Skysens comes with out-of-box analytics with integrations to the existing process monitoring system.

Contextualize Data

With Skysens APM virtual asset creation capabilities, according to a scenario, users can easily contextualize stream data into groups, subgroups and share with different users and create notifications

Team Management

Team leaders can easily manage their teams for data access, managing alarms and notifications, and many other capabilities.

Easy Reporting Scheme

Skysens APM comes with easy reporting capabilities for pdf and XML formats. Also with direct integration to business analytics tools, many other reporting flows can be facilitated.
Skysens APM as a data platform provides value to every level in your enterprise

Increase your profits with the shortest return of time industrial digitalization platform in the market. Start your Industry 4.0 journey with modest budgets on multiple fronts at once start with small steps to digital transformation in your
industry with easy-to-use analytics ready for your workforce.

Engineering managers can scale overall team’s expertise with agile and secure no-code applications to achieve more proactive frontlines. Thanks to detailed reporting and collaborative data management, get the best out of every member of the team. Less production interruptions and energy costs.

With IT-OT convergence capabilities and singular data stream and user management capabilities, with a highly-secure build, Skysens APM lets IT teams to handle OT data streams easily and efficiently.

Frontliners can implement proactive actions to problems in the field with a no-code, drag-drop analytics that they can set up quickly. With a fully managed hardware ecosystem and integrated long-range wireless network, years of problems can be solved in a matter of hours easily without frequent site visits.