Skysens APM is designed to fit in existing industrial systems. APM leverages a wide variety of industrial assets and brings out easy-to-understand analytics for a more streamlined and efficient industrial operation.


Skysens APM platform enables industrial data from any new or existing source for real-time and historic data analytics and actionable intelligence.


APM platform provides unique advantages.

Agile Digitalization

Skysens end-to-end integrated APM platform enables users to test and scale different industrial digitalization requirements simultaneously within a very short time and budgets.

Highly Scalable

Skysens APM works on stream data with microservice architecture and parallel scaling capabilities with a wireless network option for highly scalable deployment.

Collaborative Teams for The Digital Era

Skysens APM enables users to check anomalies while connecting the whole team on the data and processes with a collaborative approach.

Skysens Edge

Skysens APM offers an edge version for edge and hybrid deployments. With Skysens edge, stream analytics enables rapid action on edge devices such as industrial gateways and PCs, as well as other UNIX capable hardware.

No Code Analytics

With its no-code build. Skysens empowers anyone on the team to use analytics capabilities to bring out the optimal performance of any system.


Skysens supports multiple integration options on every data level which facilitates existing legacy infrastructure without additional investment requirements.

Lower Cost, Higher ROI

Out-of-box industrial data adapters lower the cost while bringing a higher ROI thanks to drastically lower project times.


Skysens APM different deployment scenarios and out-of-box applications enable users to start small and scale fast without project risks for every corner of the facility.


Skysens APM supports edge, cloud, or hybrid deployment depending on requirements. With Skysens edge to cloud secure connectivity, any OT data can integrate to cloud platforms securely and efficiently. For edge deployments Skysens APM edge version is available.


For direct industrial data access and or un-reliable internet connections, Skysens APM cloud and Skysens APM edge can work as integrated with enterprise network security requirements with one-way connections to maximize security inside an enterprise network.


For shorter project times and more cost-efficient industrial applications, Skysens APM cloud is connected to industrial data sources via MQTT or one-way Webhook connections. Skysens cloud can also easily and securely be facilitated with isolated wireless gateways without any enterprise network connection via Global GSM Connectivity.

Private Cloud / Edge

For cloud-free operation, Skysens APM can be deployed in full or edge versions to enterprise edge hardware, on-premise servers, or enterprise private cloud infrastructure. With it, the entire APM platform can work without any internet connectivity requirement.


Skysens APM platform brings intelligence to your enterprise operations.

Easy to Use Visualization

Skysens enables drag-and-drop no code visualization tools with multiple widgets which are adaptable for any type of industrial screen for real-time or historic data flows.

AI & Data

Gathering and analyzing data is only the beginning of Skysens APM. Making the data accessible for all parties in the operation is what adds value to our technology.

Smart Reporting

Skysens reporting capabilities extend beyond simple pdfs it can support real-time or scheduled alarms, notifications, analysis results as well as integrations for internal communication and reporting tools.

Data Sharing and Collaboration

Skysens provides easy-to-use user management tools for data sharing. supervisors can easily decide who sees what data and respond accordingly without losing time.

Wide Area Network

Our optional wireless network technology is proprietary yet compatible with globally known LoRaWAN technology. Our wireless coverage can go up to 10+ miles (15 km) outdoor and 3000 ft indoors.

Asset Management

Our asset management capabilities enable users to manage real or create virtual assets as well as keep a record of history and facilitation statistics easily and create analytics with no-code interfaces.


Skysens APM has integrated LoraWAN compatible, long-range, low power industrial grade wireless network technology as an option for operational teams. With APM’s wireless network management capabilities and Skysens integrated service’s hardware offer, getting any type of data from the ground is very easy.

Long-Range Wireless Capabilities

Skysens wireless technology enables data communication from very long ranges such as 10 miles in open areas for edge device communication.

Long Battery Life

Skysens LoRaWAN technology optimizes battery consumption and battery life for longer device usage without interruption or maintenance requirement even in heavy RF environments. This capability becomes especially important for remote areas and enterprises with wide areas such as airports.

Application Oriented LoRaWAN

Skysens developed wireless technology from ground-up with our edge computing capable device portfolio, applications such as energy monitoring, predictive maintenance, health and safety are up to 5x lower cost due to much lower cost for data capture infrastructure.

Easy Scalability and Hardware Support

Skysens wireless network is a managed network and works on a star topology with a single manager platform at the center of all devices and gateways. This means if a new device is required on the field, users can easily plug and play new devices and gateways with Skysens hardware support without any involvement.

Skysens has simplified the process of deployment of agile predictive monitoring capabilities to your enterprise. With our field-proven , predetermined workflow there is no room left for inefficient projects.
Detailed Existing Physical and Digital Infrastructure Analysis
Since Skysens come with a wide range of hardware, we first examine the infrastructure to see what you need in multiple discovery meetings for different users.
Selection of Data Adapters, Deployment Parameters and, Hardware if Required
Depending on the results of analysis, the required data structure is being selected as well as data adapters. Also if existing data is not suitable or non-existent, edge devices are being proposed.
First Start and Tests & Customizations
After integrations and hardware deployment first start being conducted and customer reviews being collected with multiple user meetings.
Continuous Support, Skysens Academy and Improvements with Business Process
Integrations with ongoing customer usage and reviews, new business improvement discussions and training are being introduced continuously every month.


Skysens managed the hardware ecosystem as an integral part of Skysens integrated services. Our portfolio of hardware consists of field-proven industrial LoRaWAN edge devices, various gateways and remote terminal units (RTU) for different network requirements, specialized measurement devices such as energy analyzers, and other Skysens certified hardware. They come with Skysens guarantee from Skysens and hardware partners with services support for the best application performance with the lowest CAPEX.

Skysens managed hardware ecosystem has 30+ edge hardware ready for deployment and remote support for all data capture and application requirements with Skysens support and guarantee.

End to End Security Scheme
Both wireless and wired connectivity elements of Skysens hardware ecosystem are compatible with a-class security standards and end-to-end encryption schemas.
Remote Configuration & Setup
Skysens lets teams control, configure, and connect hardware remotely, which brings higher convenience, better adoption, and wider usability.
Isolated Connectivity Option
Skysens hardware can work with direct access to Cloud without connecting enterprise networks for additional security and easy deployment.
Network Options
Skysens hardware portfolio consists of a variety of network connectivity options such as LoRaWAN, WiFi, 4G-5G, Satellite, Ethernet, and many more. Depending on application requirements such as budget, data latency, bandwidth, robustness, existing infrastructure, and others, Skysens offers the best possible network option.
Plug and Play
Skysens APM platform comes with a pre-configured edge device catalog integrated into the platform for any user. Any user in the enterprise can start an industrial efficiency project without technical support or training.
Edge Device

SkyIND Edge device is designed and manufactured by Skysens for the most flexible industrial LoRaWAN solution in the market. It has battery-powered and external power-supplied versions. It works as an integral part of its integrated LoRaWAN network technology for direct data integration from existing MODBUS RTU, Digital or Analog I/O, industrial hardware, water, gas, energy meters. 

Long-Range Wireless Capabilities
Skysens LoRaWAN edge devices can work from long distances with up to 10 years of battery life with its long-range network infrastructure. A network can be managed from a single screen. Users can add/remove new gateways, and increase network coverage easily. Can do firmware updates over the air, and change device parameters from the console. Change connection strategies and many other capabilities easily.