Agile Predictive Monitoring for Health and Safety
Integrate health and safety-related measurements on a single platform and share it in real-time for compliance and reduction of workplace incidents.
Improve Workplace Comfort and Health

Integrate air quality, noise, light, and other comfort and health-related smart edge devices with a single platform and long-range wireless network.

Skysens enables edge devices, manual readings and other measurements and results on a single platform for multiple users.

Easy Ambient Measurements

Skysens enables edge devices to be deployed easily outdoor or indoors for ambient measurements in industrial environments and office spaces such as air quality, toxic gasses, light, noise, vibration, and other hse and comfort-related matters easily without any cabling and infrastructure costs.


Skysens APM provides easy data export, creating scheduled reports, alarms and notifications as well as direct integration to collaboration and reporting tools.

Outdoor Location Tracking

Skysens enables personnel and asset location tracking and lone worker support with smart tracking devices from long range with long battery life.

Real-Time Alerting

Skysens can create real-time alerts with direct integration to OT networks to reduce risks of hazardous situations.


As an APM partner that serves on the IIoT scene for a decade, Skysens touches the main pain points of the industrial IoT transformation to create a seamless and problem-free transition.

Current Obstacles in the Industry for a Better Health and Safety and Worker Comfort

Although companies take great lengths to ensure a better and safer working environment, HSE teams struggle to catch up with the requirements easily and efficiently.

Hard to Find Usable Data

To monitor the working environments effectively and take action without losing time, hse teams struggle to find real-time data flows available for their requirements.

Lack of Comprehensive Solutions

Current solutions usually lack the IoT hardware part or only provide vendor lock, legacy type hardware which requires lots of manual labor and integration costs.

Lack of Extensive Device Types

Health and safety and comfort include multiple parameters which can change when the process changes, current offers only cover small portion of the requirements.

Lack of Analytics and Smart Notifications

Most of HSE teams are only able to capture the measurements with manual devices and put numbers on excel and report it. With this approach, it is unable to analyze root causes or trends which is the key to corrective actions.

No Integrated Approach

Current platforms or HSE devices only capture a single part of the problem and do not offer integration options with other machinery, equipment, or processes.

Problematic Data Sharing

Companies have to take hse and comfort improvement actions only with “gut feeling” since usually there is no available data on single format, singular dashboard and reports which can be shared throughout the enterprise
Skysens APM for Health and Safety

Skysens APM for health, safety, and workforce comfort

Skysens APM provides a singular platform to support any enterprise-grade HSE efforts.

Wide Variety of Plug-and-Play Edge Devices

Indoor air quality (IAQ) sensors, temperature, humidity, noise, vibration, light, toxic gasses, motion, and much other battery-powered, long-range wireless sensors are available with Skysens long-range wireless (LoRaWAN) technology.

Data Flows from Different Data Sources

Skysens integrates with other industrial data sources such as bms systems, lighting systems, HVAC systems to enable more effective and comprehensive analysis and real-time reports.

Outdoor Location Tracking and Lone Worker Support

Skysens APM long-range wireless network enables tracking devices and lone worker applications ready for personnel and assets easily from 10+ miles in an open environment from a single gateway.

Flexible Data Reporting

With Skysens reporting capabilities and drag-drop dashboards, users can create reports and notifications easily with different types of sensor outputs in real-time or scheduled manner.

Easy User Assignments

Managers can assign different parameters to different HSE operators in order to track and trace any abnormalities and take necessary action easily according to real-time data.

Integrating Manual Readings

Skysens APM also enables users to fill forms for manual readings and use them as individual sensor data to use analytics in real-time with edge devices.

Location Based Sensor Readings

Users track and trace sensor readings on floor plans or maps with gis in real time for a better understanding of the situation.
Using Skysens APM for Health & Safety and Comfort Provides Value for Every Level

Increase your profits with the shortest return of time industrial digitalization platform in the market. Start your Industry 4.0 journey with modest budgets on multiple fronts at once start with small steps to digital transformation in your
industry with easy-to-use analytics ready for your workforce.

Engineering managers can scale overall team’s expertise with agile and secure no-code applications to achieve more proactive frontlines. Thanks to detailed reporting and collaborative data management, get the best out of every member of the team. Less production interruptions and energy costs.

With IT-OT convergence capabilities and singular data stream and user management capabilities, with a highly-secure build, Skysens APM lets IT teams to handle OT data streams easily and efficiently.

Frontliners can implement proactive actions to problems in the field with a no-code, drag-drop analytics that they can set up quickly. With a fully managed hardware ecosystem and integrated long-range wireless network, years of problems can be solved in a matter of hours easily without frequent site visits.