Skysens Enterprise LoRaWAN Wireless Sensor Network

Provide your enterprise ubiquitous low power wireless sensory network for multiple IoT applications simultaneously with lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) possible.

Skysens provides LoRaWAN network for enterprises with additional machine learning based algorithms for industrial grade requirements to enhance data accumulation efforts and enabling multiple standardized or non standardize IoT applications

With Skysens Enterprise Grade LoRaWAN Network, every enterprise can have numerous IoT applications, additional sensor inputs for existing process monitoring schemes, increase their efficiency and effectiveness on the ground.

Network can support both indoor and outdoor applications which is a especially effective for large enterprises with multiple campuses and buildings and branches.

Skysens Enterprise IoT Network is an efficiency multiplier for your company and organization with sensory applications and integrations

Multiple Interface Support Skysens system an support multiple physical interfaces such as digital and anaolog I/O s RS485 , RS232 with multiple protocol support such as Modbus, IEC
Enterprise Integration Use LPWAN sensors as an extension to your existing enterprise automation infrastructure such as SCADA, BMS, MES, CRM , ERP in order to increase granularity of field data
Network Profiling for Different Enterprise Needs Different applications inside the enterprise require different LPWAN network profiles in order to maximize outcome, Skysens supports multiple application profiles on single network scheme
Global Integration Skysens uses globally compatible open protocols such as LoRaWAN which enables an open ecosystem of devices, applications and roaming agreements and avoids vendor-lock situations
Light Client With Skysens light client you can start your IoT network without Internet connection. Entire system can even work even on single industrial grade PC
Roaming Support For enterprises with large logistic infrastructure, Skysens provides global roaming support with its partner ecosystem to track your goods and services where every you are

Enterprise Wireless Sensory Network

  • Manage your entire wireless IoT network for every level of enterprise
  • Manage applications for internal users
  • From device to application manage entire LPWAN infrastructure with ease
  • Directly support OT infrastructure such as SCADA with wireless sensors data

Expert Support for

Best Possible Wireless Enterprise IoT Solution

Users For Enterprise LPWAN Network

Large Industrial Plants

Industrial plants with large areas and multiple large operational teams who want to increase their effectiveness on operational level with the help of wireless sensors

Airports , Seaports, Railroads, Logistic Hubs

Logistic infrastructure owners or logistics companies who want to have live information feed from the ground with analytics supported IoT applications for both industrial and logistic related activities

Corporte or Organisations with Large Building Spaces

Large companies or organizations who have multiple buildings with large building spaces or multi branches, depots or centers can leverage their operations for building maintenance, equipment monitoring, infrastructure monitoring ,efficiency monitoring and other operations with help of wireless sensory network which has direct integration to existing software such as BMS

Government Agencies

Government agencies can monitor their operations in the field with help of wireless sensor network both indoor an outdoor LoRaWAN network infrastructure

Utility companies

Utility companies such as energy,water, gas and heating can do remote metering , monitor their operations on the ground, their infrastructure and other smart grid requirement with long distance Skysens LPWAN network

Construction Companies

Construction companies can monitor their assets , their workforce, resources and operation with wireless sensors with long battery life from long distance with or without Internet connection on the field.


  • Additional Data Granularity To Operation
  • Extend Existing Automation and Monitoring Capacity
  • Increase Logistics Optimization
  • Make Smart Operational Decision Based on Smart Sensors
  • Decrease Operational Costs
  • Increase Product Quality , Productivity, Safety and Efficiency!

How Skysens IoT Extends Your Legacy Automation Network Capacity?

Some Applications With Enterprise Wireless Sensor Network

Enhanced Predictive Maintenance

Vibration, temperature, power quality based measurements with smart sensors and smart algorithms and reporting in order to decrease downtime

Worker Health & Safety Applications

Increase health and safety for working enviroment with indoor and outdoor location tracking sensors, motion and unauthorized usage monitoring, panic buttons, air quality sensors

Energy and Equipment Efficiency

Monitor energy meters, energy analyzers and equipments for consumption optimization and more efficient operations

Logistics Efficiency

Track location and movement of items, containers, vehicles all around world or at inner logistics at seaports, airports railroad hubs and company campuses

Environmental Monitoring

Monitor and take action with ambient sensors against poisonous gases, high temperatures, humid areas for environmental regulations or quality and production standards

Consumption Monitoring and Remote Metering

For utility companies, schools, hotels, shopping malls, banks, restaurants, manufacturing plants, monitor consumption of energy, water, and other resources with smart metering network

Smart Agriculture Applications

Track your livestock, control irrigation and other equipment and sources on large areas which directly optimizes agricultural operations

Cold Chain Monitoring

Monitor cold chain for food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals in stationary or in-motion logistics to ensure quality etc.

Operational Efficiency

Track locations and activity of your labor, equipment and machinery in addition to survey buttons for customers and counters to increase operational efficiency of your business