Skysens Wireless Sensory Network for Disaster Monitoring

Skysens wireless sensory network for disaster monitoring and relief efforts with multiple redundant layers provides robust sensory communication layer for monitoring large disasters.

Skysens LoRaWAN compatible disaster relief Network supports disaster relief efforts after incidents such as earthquakes, storms, terror attacks, floods , fires which paralyzes the conventional wired and wireless networks .

Network supports LoRaWAN network capabilities with multi redundant scheme on physical and digital infrastructure such as local redundant network and application servers, multiple gateway support, disaster resistant QoS support, dynamic channel allocation for disaster situations, frequency shifting to increase capacity, direct message push to digital radio infrastructure such as DMR radio for supported DMR infrastructure.

Lower cost of hardware, longer battery life, large hardware ecosystem and long communication range makes Skysens Disaster Relief LoRaWAN Network excellent choice for situations where standard SCADA systems may not provide reliable data from the field, or GSM and other wireless networks does not work sufficiently due to congestion on the network or infrastructure incidents.

Skysens Disaster Relief LoRaWAN Network product also includes application layer and hardware support.

Use power of LPWAN for disaster relief efforts!

Double Network Profile As default , network works as standard smart city LoRaWAN network and supports different smart city applications, on disaster situations network acts with add on capacity and increased QoS
Hardware Support Skysens provides long battery life sensor hardware for remote disaster monitoring such as flood level sensors, structural sensors, motion sensors, gas sensors with low cost architecture
Redundant Software Layer System scheme works with multiple network and application server on central and on premises environments, entire stack can work even in single local server
Radio Interface System can directly push message to compatible DMR systems via data integration in order to increase speed of the relief efforts on the ground
RAN Management Network architecture differentiate for different types of customers such as licensed / unlicensed frequency bands, 100% QoS Network or larger data payload supports even in disastrous situations
Resilient Network with Redundant Back-Haul and Hardware For redundancy Skysens provides multiple back-hauling for gateways such as RF link, GSM, Fiber, Satellite. In addition to back-haul, system also work with multiple GW redundancy in order to get transmit data safe and sound

Some Applications with Disaster Relief Network

Structural Damage Assessment

Monitor bridges, highways, buildings, towers and other structures in order to fast damage assessment after earthquakes, storms, lightnings etc.

Flood Monitoring

Monitor levels of rivers, lakes and other water streams , sense water presence in flood ways in order understand flooding levels quickly.

Monitor Gas, Water and Energy Infrastructure

In catastrophic disasters and infrastructures are crippled, it is very hard but important to asses utility infrastructure status in granular level since multiple areas being affected immediately.

Location tracking

Track location of equipments and personnel if GSM based tracking capability is not available or not efficient for power consumption concerns and delegate relief efforts easily

For More Information

Why Disaster Relief Skysens LoRaWAN IoT Network?

  • Check infrastructure status instantly after the disaster without any need for SCADA
  • Get granular data from the field in order to increase response time
  • Network can work in normal times for smart city applications in order to shorten its return of investment period
  • Can work with licensed frequency bands too
  • Open-source LoRaWAN hardware ecosystem can be facilitate for disaster monitoring which enable lower cost for the infrastructure
  • Direct message link to DMR systems for faster information flow