Skysens Carrier Grade LoRaWAN Network

Carrier-grade wide area IoT network for operators and service providers as an addition to their current offerings!

Skysens provides carrier grade LoRaWAN network for mobile network operators (MNOs), infrastructure owners, tower companies, city councils and service companies

With Skysens carrier grade network, new revenue streams can be build with specific applications for large population or pure network connectivity business as pay per usage model.

Skysens provides engineering , deployment and management support for large scale LoRaWAN IoT networks

With Skysens module support and RAN management, IoT operators can deploy their isolated LoRaWAN network with MAC layer differentiation in order to create separate and close ecosystem

In addition to network itself , with partnership ecosystem and native Skysens hardware, specific applications can be build for wide area with local pre-requests

Deploying Wide Area IoT Network Never Been That Easy Before Skysens!

RF Engineering Network design, field test and deployment support depending on physical parameters such as topology, urban texture, physical infrastructure, back-haul connectivity and climate
Hardware Support Support for end device and gateway hardware acquisition and certification and application specific hardware design and manufacturing,
Deployment & Maintenance Deployment support and remote or on-site maintenance support depending on pre-requests
OSS / BSS Support OSS BSS support for network management and application management for easy deployment and management of devices and applications
RAN Management Different network architecture for different types of customers such as licensed / unlicensed band support, 100% QoS , or larger data payloads
Application Support Skysens provides applications ready to deploy for carrier grade network operators with native hardware and platform in addition to large partner ecosystem

Why Carrier Grade Skysens LoRaWAN Network?

  • No Licensing Requirement and Fee For Frequency Bands For ISM
  • Additional Revenue Source For Your Existing Infrastructure and Service
  • Isolated Network Option With Radio Access and MAC Layer Differentiation
  • Can Also Work With Licensed Bands
  • Lowest CAPEX Cost Compare To Other Wide Area Networks
  • Lower Cost of Hardware Which Optimize ROI for End Customer
  • Mini Gateway Structure Allow To Extend Network For Both Indoor And Outdoor Areas Easily
  • Skysens Application Support With Hardware And Platform For End-to-End Solutions To End Customers

Expert Support for

Wide Area IoT Networks

Skysens Provides Ready to Set New Business Opportunities

Remote Metering With Payment
B2C IoT Applications For End Customer
Revenue Share Model With Infrastructure Owners
IoT As a Service Model for Enterprises
Efficiency Based Business Models For Enterprises

Who Can deploy Carrier Grade LoRaWAN Network


Mobile Network Operators can increase their product portfolio, customer satisfaction and service offerings with low power wide area network products for unlicensed frequencies and world's most matured IoT ecosystem. System also can support licensed frequencies for underutilized channel resources with better efficiency

Tower and Cable Operators

Tower and cable operator companies can increase utilization of their existing infrastructure via providing comprehensiveness IoT solutions and IoT connectivity from their existing physical infrastructures

City Managements

Municipalities and city councils can deploy their own IoT networks citywide for their smart city and smart environment applications, with this network they can also provide IoT connectivity service for their residents and enterprises which operates in their vicinity

Government Agencies

Government agencies can monitor their operations on the field with the help of wireless sensory network for disaster response, operational efficiency and infrastructure monitoring

Utility companies

Utility companies can create new revenue streams via providing IoT solutions and connectivity services leveraging their existing field operations capabilities.

Lets Discuss About New Revenue Streams With Your Existing Infrastructure

Some Applications With Wide Area Public IoT Networks

Remote Metering

Monitor every energy meter, water meter, gas meter and heat meter and also waste water meters in order with payment systems integration to provide easy micro payments, additional business models and revenue added services for utility users

Location Tracking

Outdoor and indoor location based IoT applications for logistics and service companies at coverage areas

B2C Applications

Security sensors, safety sensors, tracking devices, environmental sensors , agriculture sensors for end customers with small subscription fees with different business models

Environmental Sensors for Data Businesses

City wide sensor networks for direct data service to companies such as insurance companies, FMCG companies , banks , service companies

Service Business Sensors

Rodent sensors, agricultural sensors, HVAC sensors, elevator monitoring,, steam traps and many other applications to support service companies on the field with Skysens or ecosystem partner applications

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