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We are looking for Marketing Intern

Skysens is an Internet Of Things (IoT)  company capable of providing hardware and software, specialized in Low Power Wide Area Network technology which enables different sensors wirelessly communicate from 15+ km away with very little battery power and low cost.

It has been invested by EU based technology investment fund by 680 k EU recently. We have offices in Izmir and Istanbul and partners all around the world.

Skysens has different applications portfolio in 4 main verticals such as  Smart Cities, Smart Agriculture, Smart Grids and Industry 4.0  with its core wireless network technology.

We are looking Marketing Intern who is willing to give her/his energy with us to make the best possible product which will revolutionize the IoT ecosystem.

A person who would like to join us needs to be passionate about the technology and IoT, willing to search, lead and implement new marketing leads to make the best possible market – product match

Basically we are not looking for a  Superman but Batman’s Robin.

The future colleague will be stationed in our office at Harbiye/İstanbul/Turkey.

Needed Skills :

• Preferably 3rd year in the 4-year colleague.

• Fluent in English

• Core understanding of start-up environment

The person who can teach us our job, always have seat and desk ready at Skysens.

You can send your cv to [email protected] or fill the form below if you think it’s a good fit!

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