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  • Low Battery Consumption

    With optimised communication technology end devices can work up to 10 years with single AA battery

  • Long Range Network

    15 km (9,6 mile) range for secure and robust communication in open fields, 5 km (3,2 miles) in urban areas

  • Compatible

    With standard world wide protocol and global ecosystem, globally compatible with 5000 companies products and networks

  • Agile

    With Skysens Embedded Operating System and excellence on adaptation, fast integration to existing infrastructure

  • Easy to Use

    With license free communication and out-of-box solutions with long range communication very easy to set up and use system

  • Secure

    With End-To-End encrypted communication and additional security measures for RF and web communication secure wireless network


Skysens wireless sensor network is a complete end–to-end system

with end devices on the field, gateways, network manager software

and application software.


Skysens serves markets with 4 main verticals.

Smart Cities

City wide, city owned wireless network for cost effective easy to use multiple smart city application

Industry 4.0

Monitoring existing machinery and processes in order to make more efficient and secure industry with connected technology.


Monitoring soil, weather, machinery, livestock in large fields in order to increase agricultural efficient and productivity.

Smart Grid

Remote meter reading for with highly adaptable devices and optimized smart grid applications for different existing grids.

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Skysens is a fast growing technology company main focus on wirless low bandwith IoT applications.

Bornova – İzmir

Erzene Mah. Ankara Cad. No:172/67

EGE Üniversitesi Kampüsü

Ege Teknopark

Harbiye – İstanbul

Cumhuriyet Caddesi

Kahan Apt. No: 40/5

Şişli / İstanbul / Türkiye

Telefon : +90 850 346 91 37

E-Posta: hello@skysens.io